Wednesday, November 23, 2005

End of the semester lull

This semester is... going. I love that it's finally wrapping up, I love that I'm finally beginning to have some free time in which to do things. I hate that my computer (that I love, adore, and have gambled all my notes on) broke last week and had to be sent to Texas. She got shipped back yesterday, and I think it's 2day shipping, so she should be back either today (if I'm very very very lucky) or Friday. Which is very good. I did get all my notes off of it before it left, so it wasn't going to be the end of the universe if it wasn't back by finals.

Pathology lectures and labs are over for the semester, and our final isn't for another two weeks. This is much appreciated by those of me who love having that extra time to study (but don't use it). I'm hoping to get a lot done before this Thanksgiving break is over in terms of being prepared for finals. We're super lucky this semester, and our finals are a week apart.

We had an "extra credit" laboratory exam in Pathology yesterday. It was worth up to 30 extra credit points, but no penalties for incorrect answers or even not taking it! I think that I got about 25 points on it, which should more and make up for the 15 point question on our last path exam of: "You are in a capsule that has just been orally admistered to a horse, name every structure and junction you pass through before being deposited on the barn floor." I filled in every spot, but I definatly did the large colon counterclockwise and starting at 6 o'clock, instead of beginning at 12 and going clockwise. Some of those flectures (it's diaphragmatic and sternal, not ventral and dorsal, for the record) also gave me a run for my money.

We're learning about flies and myiasis in parasitology now, with a foray into filth flies today. I can't decide whether they're better or worse because I can see them.

Pharmacology is wrapping up after the Thanksgiving break with chemotherapy, and since I adore the professor teaching it, it should be wonderfully fun.

This lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas I think is to simply make sure we don't run away and never come back after seeing next semester's schedule. But that's probably gonna be another post, because there's SO MUCH! Ooh... I should call health services and get that hold lifted from my record before signing up for classes...

Monday, November 07, 2005


Everything hurts. My brain, my body, and my apartment.

My brain hurts because I'm running on waaay too little sleep. I had a fun and exciting weekend with the DNR here in Minnesota. I spent 2 days cutting lymph nodes out of hunter-killed deer (parotid, submandibular and retropharyngeal for those of you who care) looking for tuberculosis lesions (pyogranulomatous lymphadenitis, of the sort NOT caused by Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis, again for those of you who have a clue what I'm talking about). Some stations saw upwards of 50 deer per day, we saw 24 deer in 2 days. That's 24 hours at the registration station, and 24 deer. Boy were we bored. I got a little bit of studying done, but mostly I just didn't did anything. We have a parasitology exam on Tuesday, and I think I'm gonna need a nap before I study tonight, but it's looking good for not getting much sleep again tonight.

My body hurts due to an 16 hours on a bus (8 on Friday, 8 on Sunday night). Sleeping on a bus is a good way to irk every muscle you know about in your neck and back. We got home at 2am, I made it to class at 9. Go me.

At least Dr Plumb (THE Dr Plumb of pharmacology fame - he's actually a pretty damn good lecturer) was pretty fun. He gave away three pocket-manuels at the end of class just for showing up. Considering that we had only about 2/3 of the class there, it was pretty awesome. I bought the book at the beginning of the semester, so I wasn't too disappointed that I didn't win.

My apartment hurts because I haven't been home since 630am Friday morning for more than an hour (awake). Also, all of the clothes that came home from Roseau with me last night desperately need to be washed (mayhaps with H2O2...). We have no real food. And I still have that pesky exam tomorrow. ::sigh::

At least I have a buffer in this class already.