Friday, March 23, 2007

No more teachers, no more books...

Today was the last day of classes!! It's been so long coming, yet it seems kind of surreal. We don't start clinics for another two weeks though. Next week is a course on law, ethics and practice management - technically still a class, but an 8-5 pass/fail kinda class. Trust me, it doesn't count. Same prof, same expectations, same classroom - it's not the same as having 2 hour blocks of class. Then is a week of orientation - which is "technically" our first rotation. Dr Novo is the rotation coordinator, so if he's in his usual hilarity, it's going to be kind of awesome.

This weekend is our White Coat Ceremony, where we are individually presented with white coats to signify leaving the classroom and entering clinics. My mom, dad and nana will land in about 10 minutes so that they can be here for the ceremony :) My boy is obviously coming too.

Tonight is the annual "spring pig roast". However, whoever arranged it this year did a crappy job. While the theme is Luau, and prizes will be awarded for best costume, they have failed to roast a pig. Which seems like a giant waste of a party dedicated to roasting a pig to me. Also, the powers that be have told us that it has to be alcohol free. I'm going to have to find another excuse to get drunk this weekend - think I can find one? Anyways, back to the food. They're ordering catered Italian food. Did I mention it was a little ridiculous. Italian food. At a Luau. ::sigh::


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Less than a month to go!

I had this great illusion in my head when I opened the blogger dashboard that I was going to be updating in less than a month from the last time! Then I saw that I last updated just three days short of a month ago, and realized it probably doesn't count.

We are getting so close to rotations it's ridiculous. I've really adored my classes this semester - I've been learning a lot and getting to feel a lot more like I'm ready for clinics. Last week in Critical Care we had a lab where we had 3 minutes to "deal" with each case. I got less than half of them right, but nothing (when explained) was foreign to me, or didn't make sense. Baby steps. I'm glad we have guiding clinicians with us on clinics! Also, my Emergency rotation isn't until the week that I graduate, so I have some time.

We finished Orthopedics, Nutrition, Ultrasound and Public Health. Other ones too, but I can't remember them. We're really down to just Cardiology, Critical Care (and International diseases and law/ethics/regulatory stuff).

Schedule: this week - SPRING BREAK (Pennsylvania here I come!). next week - last Cardiology and CC classes, also International Diseases only class meeting. March 25 - White Coat Ceremony! The week after that - law/ethics/regulatory stuff 8-5 every day ew. THEN ORIENTATION TO CLINICS!

Well, it feels to me like it's coming up ridiculously fast, but written out it looks a lot more reasonable and like a month away. Baby steps. We start clinics on April 9.

I'm actually kind of on top of my MPH thesis at the moment. My spring break goals are to mostly have a massive rough draft. I'm hoping to defend in May, which seems forever away right now, but will attack me sooner than I expect.

Yay for a predicted 50 degrees this morning. Boo for daylight saving time making my reasonable 745am wakeup time into a slightly slacker 845 wakeup time.

This post is degenerating, so I'm gonna call it good. And hope to update sooner rather than later.