Monday, June 22, 2009

Ears smell

There are no, or at the very most very very few dermatologic emergencies. Also, if we haven't given you meds for your problem in over a year, you can be pretty sure that we're going to want to see your dog again. We may not consider it a recurring problem, thus giving you your coveted discount for a "recheck" exam if we haven't seen this problem in your pet for 16 months. Please don't show up at my door on Sunday morning with a pathetic dog who has an ear infection - we're open for EMERGENCIES! Please don't request a discounted exam, particularly because last time we required an exam for your pet before dispensing meds the next note in your record is that we faxed your pets records to another clinic.

In summary, ears are gross and I will smell like ears until I can shower. Ew.
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