Sunday, October 01, 2006

I suggest wine

We had our first exam of the semester last week. I really like toxicology, and the exams are straight out of the notes/book (it helps that Dr. Murphy wrote the book). I'm so far loving the increased number of take-homes and assignments this semester over just having an exam in every single class. We have our first metabolic exam on Tuesday - but it's about 80% take-home and only 5 lectures are actually on the exam. This makes me happy and very stress-free.

I broke down and bought a large animal internal medicine book last week. I was working on a take-home and realized that I actually didn't know enough about anything large animal off the top of my head. I'm excited that the book I ended up getting (which is in the other room or I'd link it) is in outline format and pretty much can be used as a study aid for my large animal GI and multisystemic classes as well. Now that's a good book! And it was relatively inexpensive (~$50), considering it's use (and how that's how I'm planning to pass boards!).

I highly suggest wine as part of a happy and healthy junior year :-)