Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's almost over now

And so another year has passed, and I have continued to be incapable of updating this blog on even a monthly basis. I can't decide if it's because no one actually reads it or because I'm not invested in it. I'm not sure it actually matters. Vet school will be over in 4 weeks, so this blog naturally must come to an end.

I defended my MPH in September and received my degree. My thesis was on MRSA and resident animals in a long-term care facility. I'm proud of myself for finishing it while being in vet school. It has been fun to sometimes put "MPH" at the end of my name when writing discharge letters :) I'll be able to put on the DVM in a month, so that's even more exciting.

I'm currently on Cardiology. I have radiology and emergency remaining prior to graduation. I'll try to find a fun case to write up for people to think about. But in the meantime, this is all the update I appear to be able to provide. And you wonder why I don't bother blogging - nothing interesting to write!